Private School K4 through 8th Grade

In our 37th Year!

Superior private education at an affordable rate

Tuition Free Scholarships Available for K-8. Contact us for more information.

Private Christian Elementary School in Arizona

Pleasantview Christian Elementary School is for parents who understand the commitment and sacrifice required to make their child’s education a top priority in their lives and support the fundamental belief that the best education includes discipline, self-respect, and respect for others.


Highest Standard of Education

Founded in 1986 by Pleasantview Church, Pleasantview Christian Elementary School is dedicated to providing a high achieving education for each of our students. Our goal is to prepare our students both academically and spiritually through love and respect and to ultimately have a positive effect on their families, their future, and society as a whole.

Non-Denominational and Non-discrimination

We are not committed to any particular religious views, creeds, or dogmas. We are committed to the academics of the mind and the love of God of the heart.

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